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Thanksgiving Gift Cards
Starting early in November, Cy-Fair Helping Hands will be distributing Blessing Boxes to our pantry clients.  These boxes will be filled with all the trimmings for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  We would like to provide each family with a
$20 Gift Card
to purchase a turkey or ham for their Thanksgiving Dinner.

If you would like to help us provide Thanksgiving Gift Cards for our clients, please purchase and deliver Gift Cards from Kroger, HEB, Walmart, etc. to our pantry located at 7510 Cherry Park Dr. Suite G, Houston, TX 77095.  If you prefer to make a donation for this program please click below and put “Thanksgiving” in the Notes box as you make your payment.
Compassion Bags
CFHH has four outreach teams that go out weekly to various areas in the Cy-Fair area to make contact and build relationships with the homeless on our streets.  During these visits we distribute approximately 100 Compassion Bags each week.  These bags contain non-perishable food items that are easily opened and can be eaten with no cooking required.

Putting together Compassion Bags is a great group project for scout troops, youth groups from churches or schools, women's groups, book clubs, businesses and individuals who would like to help the homeless in Cy-Fair.  

If you are intereted in preparing Compassion Bags for our teams to  deliver sign up below.
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Community Garden
Did you know that we have a community garden with 27 raised beds? CFHH staff member Janet Grau has recruited her husband, Ken, to oversee the garden.  Ken is counting on volunteers to help him with maintaining the garden, harvesting, and delivering the produce.  The produce from our Community Garden will supplement the non-perishables that we distribute to our clients in the pantry and the homeless on the streets.
Even if you don't have a green thumb, we can use your help!

For more information email:
Hold a Food Drive
Food and toiletry drives help to fill our pantry and supply shelves. We encourage community business, church and school partnerships; consider donating one specific item for the pantry each month for the year!

Food drives are good projects for groups but individuals have been very successful in having food drives within their neighborhood or organization. 

For more information email:
Sock it To Me!
Our homeless clients are always in need of clean, heavy duty socks.  They are on their feet much of the day and the reinforced socks are greatly appreciated.  Every time it rains, the homeless either change their socks or walk for days in soggy shoes and socks.  Being able to provide socks every time we go on outreach missions is so important.  Many of our clients would rather have socks than food!  Join us in our Sock It To Me program to provide clean, dry socks for our homeless clients. These socks can be found in packs of six pair at Walmart and Sam’s for around $10.00 per pack.

Click below to sign-up to collect and deliver Men's White, Heavy Duty, reinforced sole socks for our homeless clients. 
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Sack Lunches
Prepare 30-50 sack lunches once or twice a year for our homeless clients.  This is a service project that works well for small groups:  church youth groups, homeschoolers, scout troops, senior clubs, etc.  
Packed in paper lunch bags:
           Sandwich – dry turkey & cheese,
           ham & cheese, chicken & cheese 
           2 packets of mayo and 2 packets of mustard
           1 Bag of chips
           1 piece of Fresh fruit – soft fruits such as                     oranges, bananas, peaches
           1 Juice box or bottle of water
           1 Individually wrapped Soft dessert - soft                     cookies (homemade would be great!),
           1 Napkin

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Volunteers for Cy-Fair Helping Hands are required to submit a volunteer application, release forms and identification (with photo) for any volunteer position at CFHH.  Volunteer applicants will be contacted by CFHH to establish a volunteer assignment and hours of work once an assignment has been made. 

In order to be prepared for a volunteer assignment at CFHH, all volunteers are required to attend a brief orientation, which will include a tour of the facilities and an overview of programs offered, activities, and time commitment.  

Want to Volunteer?
Contact us at [email protected]