Homeless Outreach
We have multiple teams that travel the roads and highways of the Cypress-Fairbanks area looking for homeless individuals and families.  We work with these people to assist them to find the help they need to transition out of homelessness.  There are varying levels of homelessness that we include in our services, the newly homeless, chronically homeless, and sheltered homeless.  Our goal is to offer encouragement, food, water, clothing, supplies, and connections to other services.  We assist those who are working to make the transition out of homelessness along with those who are content to live as they are.

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Homeless Teen Initiative
Our major programs for homeless teens are Fill-a-Bin, Cards of Hope, Upward Progress and soon to come will be our Scholarship Program.
Fill-a-Bin - we provide items that are necessary to daily living for the homeless students in each of the CFISD high schools. We provide snacks, school supplies, toiletries, and hygiene products.
Cards of Hope - we provide $50 gift cards homeless high school students and their siblings.
Upward Progress (UP) - we assist with expenses required for extra-curricular school activities, fees for graduation expenses, fees for  Dual Credit, Certification, and Advanced Placement courses., and other items as needed by and as funds allow.

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Homeless Prevention
Scholarship Program - In an effort to end the cycle of homelessness, CFHH awards Vocational Scholarships to homeless high school students who reside within (CFISD) boundaries.  These scholarships provide funding for courses designed for quick entry into the workforce.
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Emergency Shelter -provides emergency shelter for  Cy-Fair families with children who are in transition from homelessness to stable housing. (We are not a homeless shelte; when funds allow, we assist qualified families with hotel room fees.) 

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